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pre classes

Our Pre Program is intended for new dancers ages 3-4. Pre Classes are 30-45 minutes and give children the opportunity to learn independence from Mom and Dad. Our Pre Program aims to build a solid foundation on which young dancers can find success in the art of dance. Our main goals are to instill children with the ability to develop fundamental skills such as strength, flexibility, coordination, spatial awareness, confidence, and creativity.

mini classes

Our Mini Program is aimed at young dancers ages 5-7. Mini Classes are 45 minutes long and allow students to learn basic terminology and movements in each style. Mini dancers continue to work on strength, flexibility, coordination, spatial awareness, confidence, and creativity.

junior classes

Our Junior Program is for 8-11 year old dancers who are ready for a more professional class structure. Junior classes are 45 minutes long and aim to take a young dancer’s dance education to the next level. Junior dancers are exposed to a wide range of movement vocabulary and technique.


teen classes

Our Teen Program is geared toward dancers ages 10 and up who are comfortable in a professional class structure and seek a challenge. ​Teen classes are 45 minutes long and teach dancers how to contribute artistically to the classroom. In teen classes, dancers focus on refining their technique while learning exciting new skills. Teen level classes are recommended for dancers with some dance experience.

teen advanced classes

Our Teen Advanced Program is designed for dancers age 12 and up who want to be pushed to their potential both physically and artistically. These 45 minute classes challenge dancers to explore new movement and work toward advanced technique concepts. Teen Advanced level classes are for experienced dancers, and teacher approval is required.


Our teen program is designed to build confidence, promote positive body image, and encourage freedom of artistic expression in many different styles of dance

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