IGNITE+ dancers will receive exclusive access to the following:

  • IGNITE+ dancers will add an additional IGNITE+ only class to their Friday evening schedule with opportunities to learn different styles from different Pre-Professional Company teachers

  • Dancers in IGNITE+ will also have exclusive access to attend an optional weekly class with our Pre-Professional Company on Saturday mornings

  • IGNITE+ dancers will receive a mid year, one on one Parent/Student/Teacher evaluation to review dancer goals, growth and create a track for the rest of the season. You will be re-evaluated at the end of the year 

In addition, IGNITE+ dancers will have the chance to participate in the following optional opportunities (additional charges apply):

  • IGNITE+ dancers will be given the opportunity to audition for a solo to be performed at their scheduled competitions (please see solo audition criteria below). This opportunity provides your dancer with a one-on-one, 30-minute time slot every other week with an SDW Faculty. 

    • Please note that these 30 minute privates take place every other week and will require an additional rehearsal fee of $20 due to your solo teacher at each scheduled rehearsal

    • There will be a one time choreography fee of $75 for your solo choreography

    • Entry fees for 1 solo at 2 competitions will be approximately $270 (total)

    • Solo costume budget will be set by dancer’s family

  • IGNITE+ dancers will be given the opportunity to participate in master classes when guest choreographers come to the studio (typically on weekends throughout the fall)

    • Master classes are approximately $35 per hour-long class with an industry professional

  • IGNITE+ dancers will have the chance to participate in a one day convention in the fall

    • Cost and date for convention TBA


If you are interested in committing to IGNITE+ for the 2020-2021 season, please complete this form by August 1st.  We hope to see our IGNITE dancers take advantage of this exciting new opportunity!


Ignite+ Yearly Solo Cost (approximate) for those wishing to perform a solo 2020-2021

Choreography fee- $75 due to teacher

Rehearsal fee $20 per 30 minutes private lesson= $40 per month Sep-May = $360 for season*

Entry fees- $135 per competitive event x 2 events= $270 

Total Approximate Projected Yearly Solo Cost- $705**

*Students may OPT for weekly 30 minute rehearsals which would total= $720 total rehearsal fees

** This price does not include Solo Performance Costume. Student and teacher will work together to select an appropriate costume. The dancer’s family will set the budget.


Solo Audition Information for IGNITE+ (optional)

  • Please choreograph a 30 second solo in your chosen style to the song of your choice to be presented during our Ignite Summer Intensive August 10-12th 2020.

  • You will perform this 30 second solo for an SDW teacher during the dinner break on one of the nights of our August Intensive

  • You’ll be scheduled for a 10 minute slot and notified by August 5th of your day and time

IGNITE+ is an extension of our current Ignite Competitive Team that allows dancers to expand upon their competitive training potential. Our new IGNITE+ program will provide dancers with more opportunities to train like a pro with our SDW Faculty.  This is the perfect opportunity for dancers who are looking for a new challenge. 







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