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There is an annual non-refundable registration fee of $25 per family.  This annual registration fee runs July-June and resets with summer classes.  Registration Fee and first monthly tuition payment are due in full at the time of registration to secure your dancer’s spot in their chosen class(es).  Registration fees and tuition paid are non-refundable.  We do not prorate monthly tuition payments.


Our lobby will remain closed for parents of dancers age 8 or older. For dancers age 7 and younger, please limit family members and guests to 1 per family to keep the lobby traffic to a minimum. 


Boys registered for fall recreational dance will receive their second monthly class at no charge. Regular pricing will apply to any additional classes. This discount applies to 1 boy per family. Discount does not apply to Summer sessions, IGNITE, IGNITE+, Sparks, or Pre-Professional Company.  



We a discount for multiple classes.  A family's/dancer’s first recreational class is full price, and a $5 monthly discount will be applied to each additional recreational class.



Tuition for classes that run September - June is calculated based on 10 equal monthly payments September - June.  Monthly payments remain the same regardless of number of classes per month, studio closures due to poor weather or building problems, holidays, or attendance. For example, tuition for 1 class is $470 for the season (September - June) and is split into 10 equal monthly payments of $47.  Your first monthly payment is due at the time of registration and all other monthly payments are due on the 1st day of each month (through June). Tuition is due by the 1st day each month regardless of attendance and is considered delinquent after the 7th of the month. A $20.00 late fee will be applied to any tuition balance not paid by the 7th of each month. There will be no credits or refunds offered for missed or canceled classes and tuition is not prorated for partial month enrollement. Classes missed can be made up in another class. All NSF checks will be charged $25.00.



Dance requires proper equipment in order to be successful. Proper attire allows instructors to view how the student uses their muscles and allows for specific corrections to be given. Due to safety concerns, correct dance wear and shoes must be worn in class or the student will not be able to participate. Shoes and dancewear can be found at Fanci Footworks. Please refer to our dress code here.



Please do not bring candy, gum, pop, or juices into the dance studio. Only water is allowed to be drunk in the studio. Hair for all classes must be pulled back into a pony tail or pinned to stay out of dancer's face. Dancers cannot dance when their hair falls in their faces. Please pin or spray hair back. Do not bring jewelry or watches into the dance studios, as they are safety hazards and can be very distracting.



Class placement is based on both age and ability and is at the discretion of the instructor.



Dates for recital will be out by September.  A non-refundable deposit of $50.00 per recreational costume is due October 30th with final payments due December 15th. All costumes are non refundable and cannot be returned to costume makers. All dancers participating in our June recital will receive a recital package that includes a commemorative t-shirt, a recital video download link and a recital award.  The total cost will be emailed once it is ready, but will be in the range of $50-$60 and will be due April 1st.



If we have to close the studio due to weather or building problems, we will post on Facebook and Instagram, email notices and have an announcement on the studio phone.  Extreme weather and building problems, such as no electricity, are considered out of our control. We will cancel classes if we feel it would be dangerous to have parents bring their dancers to class or if we lose power. Our policy is that we do not reimburse for these classes but ask that you make the class up during a similar class within one month of canceled class.


Spotlight does not issue refunds for any tuition or fees or credit balances on accounts.  If a dancer drops mid season or before a class begins, a refund will not be given.  If, for any reason, a dancer withdrawals from dance with a credit on their account, a refund will not be issued and the credit cannot be transferred to another family's account.  Credit balances will remain on the dancer's account for one (1) full year for use toward future class tuition only.

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