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sdw Movement lab


Please join us for a 3 day movement lab where students will work individually, as well as, collaboratively to explore different aspects of movement and choreography. Dancers will have deeper understanding of mechanics and technique through various mind-body practices and improvisation.  The intensive will culminate with a showing on the last day, where students will be able to share what they’ve learned about dance making and the choreographic process.  This event will be hosted by Jenny Meeks and Shelby Bensinger


$100 per dancer  Please contact the studio to sign up

Ages:  Will be divided into two groups, advanced and intermediate for Teen through Senior levels (ages 12 and up)



Day 1 

12-1:15 Warm Up (Pilates, Mind-Body centering exercises and exploration through improv to focus on alignment, core strength, weight transfer and potential for movement throughout the body.)

1:15-2:30  Improvisation incorporating various choreographic principles and the manipulation of Space and Form Time and Energy individually and with a partner(s)

2:30-3 Break

3-4 Lab Time: Continued improvisation beginning stages of collaboration (How to structure dance from a concept)

Day 2 

12-1:15 Warm up

1:15-2:30 Improvisation manipulating Time and Energy individually, with a partner and group

2:30-3 Break 

3-4 Lab Time: Continue developing material and make sure choreographic principles continue to support concept

Day 3 

12-1:15 Warm Up 

1:15-2:30 Lab Time: Peer feed back, revise and refine collaboration

2:30-3 Break

3-3:30 Final Preparations

3:30-4 Final Showcase (Parents welcome)

call to reserve your spot 586.949.5630
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